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How far should we go into the past !

Interesting that we always seem to gravitate towards issues of race, it sounds and i suppose its a testament to our history and how deeply the issue of race runs in our Veins. I am calling for going even deeper and understanding that perhaps its a human issue that we are dealing with and of course it manifests its self in issues of race, gender ,all sorts of identity and topics we tend to deal with in this country. But i suspect that we are missing a great opportunity when we just stop at race or gender when we talk about the inequalities that exist among-st us and i say this because we always find ourselves going back in the past all the time.

We need a rear-view-mirror, that we can’t keep going forward without looking at the rear-view-mirror. we need to also navigate, dealing with what is happening before us, a head of us and i suppose it starts out with the whole question of when we talk about redress, where do we go , half or how far do we go into the past? At every given moment in history , in time, in the continuem of time, some body is going to be aggrieved, somebody was hurt and by somebody. And that is not an exoneration of those who did the hurt doing by. It isn’t ! Its an acknowledgement of that fact but saying that knowing that fact alone doesn’t solve the problem of where do we go from here.

Am gonna make an example which perhaps its unfortunate reality that South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and most of the African countries grapple with, let me say precisely South Africa. The issue of rape, South Africa has been labeled the rape capital of the world for good reasons, because some of the attitudes that exist in the minds of some men who believe that they own the bodies of women and therefore they can do whatever they want. In all cultures , in all races where men are responsible for the brutalization of women and therefore does not mean that there no instances where women don’t act out against men. Am simply talking with the issue of rape specifically, there is overwhelming evidence of the fact that men are responsible for that and whenever that issue comes out somebody heads rightfully and say “its not only men that rape, women do” . But then what that does it distracts from the issue that men must discuss among them, that what is it us about men the overwhelming perpetrators of rape? when we us men start to have that conversation it does not mean there no instances of brutal unfair practices by women. It doesn’t mean that, is a conversation among st men looking at ourselves and say what is it that we can do to move forward from the attitude that continue to perpetuate the attitudes that continue this thing that we have here in South Africa of being known as the rape capital of the world. we need to take responsibility all of us who are in positions of privilege. In this particular analogy it would be us men , we are in position of privilege cause for thousands of years we have held the position of superiority over women.

Its true also for race , so when women for example have a conversation among st themselves to say how do we get ourselves out of this situation, how do we empower ourselves , how do we start thinking in different ways in order for us to rise above the subjugation that we have experienced over the very many years. It does not necessarily mean its a man bashing situation . By the same talk when black people who have been at the receiving end of colonialism, of imperialism, of all those thing have a conversation to say, That did happen what are we gonna do now? its a not a white bashing session. And women when are having a conversation about how do we deal about ourselves and how do we move forward for ourselves and then somebody else comes in and say , “Its because of these men”. it does not help your conversation, simply it doesn’t . All it does is that its greater for entertainment , you can be hurling insults at each other but it does not move us forward in finding new ways of thinking about the problems that we are experiencing.


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